INTRO_Moscow (Reinvented RMX w DJ Sid​-​the Apocalypze)

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It was a perfect day
Colors intertwined
Clouds were flying
When mountains rose
An’ everywhere it was quiet
The silence was like honey
It was a perfect day
Before the world began
The perfect world, created in 7 days,
Is destroyed during thousands of years.


From dusk till dawn
Days are full of haze
The streets of Moscow look like maze
This captured my mind -
No beginning,
No end
I can find.
It's blowing, blowing out my mind.
Moscow is a cold world
I wanna get out of.
I wanna get out of

Down to the subway
One of crowded places
Lots of negative faces
Not open,
Nor friendly.
Everyone's got a problem.
Flowing, flowing in transfers and transitions
No end, no beginning
I can't make definitions

Up in the street it's snowing and snowing,
Melting into slushy mud
Under my boots
I hate it,
but will force myself to like Moscow,
Though now I can't,
Now I can't.

I'll force myself
Though now I can't
Now I can't

I don't like Moscow
I dont like

Moscow nights are full of lights
Moscow at night is a different world
Rich people in a big cars,
Rich people in unapproachable clubs
All of them looking like pop stars
No comment, no talk
Cause they don't know who you are

Moscow nights are full of lights
Rich people in a big cars

Days are full of haze

I don't like Moscow
don't like


from Paradise, track released July 1, 2010
Victor, Fannie



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